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Thanasis Bakolas shares concerns that Armenian politician banned from leaving Armenia 

Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP) Thanasis Bakolas has shared concerns that Armenian politician Ashoyan was banned from leaving Armenia.

“I am extremely concerned that [Armenian politician – ed.] Armen Ashotyan was banned from traveling to Lisbon and not allowed to join our Political Assembly. These practices are totally unacceptable. The Armenian government should not interfere in any gathering of democratically elected politicians,” Thanasis Bakolas tweeted.

Earlier, the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia said that during the passport control at Zvartnots airport he had been forbidden to leave Armenia on the ridiculous grounds that he was a defendant in some case: “I was going to Lisbon for the political conference of the European People’s Party. It is superfluous to say what my visit, my speeches and my meetings were about. The absurdity is that until now I have not been charged with anything. But this is not the end of the servility of the Nicol-led law enforcement system of the country. Now my lawyer is trying to contact the Armenian Human Rights Defender’s office and the investigator.”


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