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Mikayel Minasyan: 4,750 confirmed military casualties reported to Armenian premier

Armenia’s former Ambassador to the Holy See Mikayel Minasyan accused Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan of hiding the exact number of Armenian military casualties, stating 4,750 soldiers were confirmed dead in the fighting with Azerbaijan. Minasyan’s full remarks are below:


Nikol Pashinyan does not respect and has never respected death.

Nikol did his best to ensure that the victims of the war did not have a “face”. Nikol prohibited the filming of the funerals of our fallen heroes, so that the society being fed lies about “victory” would not understand the scale of the tragedy, the geography of hostilities, the bitter fate of our brothers “butchered” by his order and the self-sacrifice of the soldiers.

Nikol turned the deaths of the heroes into faceless, very limited lists, releasing several dozen names every day. As a result, we lost the sharpness of the perception of death, we lost the depth of self-sacrifice of our soldiers, we did not understand the price we paid for each day of the war.

From the very first day, a shameful and horrible process of hiding the real numbers of deaths began. This operation was personally led by Nikol in Armenia and his wife in Artsakh.

You probably do not know that there is still no free place in the autopsies of Goris, Sisian, Vanadzor, Gyumri, Etchmiadzin and Yerevan. From the first days of the war, the bodies of the soldiers were kept even in the morgue intended for coronavirus fatalities in Abovyan. In front of those buildings of mourning, there are endless queues of parents who have lost their sons and have been waiting for the remains of their children for about two months. Fathers even promise bribes to push the line so that they can bury their son’s relics as soon as possible. And the mourning mothers are comforted when they receive the bodies of their sons, since their child will have a grave.

And this is happening in the Armenia of the 21st century, where it seemed impossible to keep anything secret. It turns out that in that very Armenia it is possible to lie openly, to hide the bodies of the dead soldiers in the refrigerators for days, because according to the schedule set by Nikol and Anna, on average, the names of 30 to 40 victims are allowed to be released daily.

The final death toll from the war is still unknown. In fact, it exists, but it has not been disclosed to public.

Actually, five days ago the National Security Service and the Ministry of Defense reported to Nikol that according to the available data, we have:

2,250 dead soldiers (autopsy performed)
1,400 dead soldiers (autopsy not yet performed)
1,100 missing soldiers 

4,750 documented deaths reported to the prime minister
4,750 names and destinies
4,750 unhappy families
4,750 extinguished lights
4750 unfulfilled dreams

4,750 is not just a number, it is our flesh and blood. It comprises a whole generation, a big city and a big army.

The perpetrators of this nightmare were so impertinent that during the last week of the war they stopped releasing the names of the victims at all. The funeral of no victim was allowed to be filmed. This is the truth.

Now we all have two things to do: keep the memory of the heroes alive and do everything possible to fish their sacred mission.

Tonight at 6pm, everyone should gather at the Liberty Square, where there will be a candlelight vigil in memory of our martyrs. It is the duty of every Armenian to take part in this national candlelight vigil in memory of the soldiers and in gratitude to their orphaned children and parents.

They were brave men who fell defending the homeland. They died for their land, which a weak madman decided to cede to the enemy with a stroke of the pen.

Rest in peace, guys!

Cursed be you, bastards!”


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