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Press release from Ankara freedom of thought initiative

To the sensitive and conscientious public, 

On May 18, 2019, we wanted to organize an event of the 100th anniversary of the Pontos genocide in Ankara. Our activity for the year has been banned by the governorship of Ankara for the following reasons:

“Considering the news and shares on social media; these activities may create hypersensitivity in a part of the community. It may increase the possibility of criminal offenses against the organizers. Therefore, the clear and imminent danger may arise in terms of public safety…. “

We continue our legal initiatives against the prohibition decision; however, because it seems difficult for our objections to be concluded until the event date, our event has been postponed to take place at a later date.

It is not satisfied with the statements of 51 provincial bar associations, especially the provincial bar associations where the genocide took place. So the fact that the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey also makes another statement is an indication of legal development.

We publicize it with respect.

Ankara Freedom of Thought Initiative 

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