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Apology, “Re”conciliation, Restitution

104 years have passed and the pleas for recognition still continue. The events of 1915, the acts of mass murder, and the losses of life still remain. The Armenian Genocide took away 1.5 million lives under the Ottoman order.

Today, after a century, the Armenian diaspora remembers and demands justice for those who are gone and those yet to come.

The Lebanese Armenian Heritage Club at the American University of Beirut hosts its annual lecture in remembrance of April 24th, the day that changed the course of Armenian history.

This year’s lecturer, Professor Ayda Erbal, will be visiting from New York University to discuss civil acts and responses towards the events of 1915.

Apology, “Re”conciliation, Restitution: a look into campaigns, Turkish intellectuals, and societal discourse that resulted in divergence from Turkey’s governmental stand on the issue.

The event will be on Thursday, April 25 2019, at 8:30 pm in Engineering Lecture Hall, Munib and Angela Masri Building (MAMC), AUB.

American University of Beirut (AUB)

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