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Seven Lessons to Remember About the April War

Monuments are set up for remembrance. The monument to the April war heroes – is all of us, living in this land that nurtured heroes and took their life. Three years after the sinistrous war, one comes to understand that grief has not subsided, time has not cured and memory has not forgotten. We remember everything, the lessons as well.

The first one is heroism and dignity. Young, not having smelled gunpowder 20-year-old boys set an example of fearlessness and responsibility, patriotism and masculinity. These words may seem pathetic today, but three years ago the words were only a faint shadow of what was going on at the front.

The second lesson is the responsibility. There were those who took up responsibility regardless of expectations, and those who did not for their irresponsibility. History will judge. But we did experience the hard lesson.

Another lesson – the power. Power is not about quantity and military equipment quality, it is not about numerical advantage and in the number of mercenary terrorists. Power is about the realization of righteousness. It is a resource that inspires and breaks through.

There is yet another lesson – “together.” No matter how much we talk about different approaches and different visions of the future, the April war was an example of overcoming – together, protecting – together, loving and hating – together, death and life – together…

The fifth lesson – people. In spite of the power tools politics possesses, it is ordinary people who decide everything at the most decisive moments. Indiscernible in daily life, unnoticed at first glance – in the war they become heroes and decide the fate of others. People are our heroes.

The next lesson is peace after war. It changes. It lacks people. Other unimportant things come up that overshadow the most important thing. We will fight for it.

And the last lesson is the memory. Monuments are set for remembrance. We remember each one regardless of all monuments. A quiet feat and a loud explosion. And may others not follow your footsteps. We remember each one. You live with us!


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