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Residents of the Kilittash village say, ”We still live in Armenian houses”

The inhabitants of the Kilittash village , which separates Eastern Armenia from Western Armenia, still tell us about the properties that Armenians left. After the deportation of the Armenians, the  Kurds, living in this area, mention that now they live in the houses of Armenians.

Today’s Armenia and the village  Kilittash, which is situated in the Digor district (Kars)  are separated from each other by the Akhurian River.

After the genocide against the Armenians in 1915, the village was inhabited by Kurds. The Kurds, who have moved here from the nearby villages, still continue to use Armenian churches, houses, and all the properties left by Armenians.

Inhabitants mention that they still live under the roofs of Armenian houses.

Shahin, an inhabitant of the village, mentions that during these 100 years they have not built houses and mainly used properties left by Armenians. The inhabitant also added, “my house belonged to Armenians, and we still live under the roof of that house”.


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