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Armenian Church commemorates Sts. Adrianos and his wife – Anatolia

The Armenian Apostolic Church marks on Tuesday, 4 September, the Commemoration of Sts. Adrianos and his wife – Anatolia, Martyrs Theodoros and Elevturos, qahana.am reports.

St. Adrianos was a high-ranking officer, who served in the Roman army during the reign of the Roman Emperor Maximianos. Initially he was heathen and subjected Christians to persecutions. However, witnessing the Christians’ courage and patience and thanks to the prayers and efforts of his wife – Anatolia, he finally becomes Christian. For conversion to Christianity he is imprisoned and subjected to most severe torments and is martyred in 310 A. D.

Anatolia, who encouraged the prisoners during the persecutions realized against Christians, exhorted them to remain loyal to their faith.  She served the imprisoned Christians so devotedly that received the name “sister of martyrs”. After the death of her husband she leaves for Byzantine and lives there.

St. Theodoros served as a captain in the Roman army during the reign of the Roman Emperor Likianos. Despite the fact that Likianos had signed with Kostandianos a Charter on liberating Christians, changes his decision and starts persecutions against Christians. Becoming aware that Theodoros is Christian and, moreover, converts other people to Christianity, Likianos orders him to give up his faith and to follow his previous faith. Thodoros prefers to be subjected to torments than to renounce Christ. Upon the king’s order he is severely beaten, bound to the wooden cross with his head downwards and is beheaded in 319 A. D.

St. Elevturos has lived in Galatia during the reign of the King Dekos. One of the citizens of Galatia criticizes the King Koumvria for his cruelty and as the result of criticism is beheaded. Elevturos, who attended the ceremony of beheading, more strictly criticizes the court and is persecuted for that, but miraculously escapes death. Witnessing the miarcle, many heathens become Christian, and among them – the heathen priest Kalinikos, who proclaims himself Christian and is beheaded. Elevturous, enduring many torments, passes away.


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