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Addis to renovate historic stair Featured

ADDIS ABABA – Seba Dereja, a historical stair in Addis Ababa, would be renovated with an outlay of over four million Birr, Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau told this reporter.
The historical stair located at the heart of the Capital Addis Ababa was built by Armenian Architects during the reign of Emperor Menelik II, said Tangible Historical Study Senior Expert Mekbib G/Mariam, adding that the maintenance work would be carried out carefully to preserve its originality.
According to him, the stair’s construction was facilitated by Ras Mekonnen, the then governor of Harar Province. “It had seen no renovation ever since.”
Despite the site’s renewal, the entire village has to be preserved for it also hosts myriads of intangible heritages. “In addition to the intangible heritage relating to earlier population settlement and service provision in the capital, a cave stretching from Ras Mekonnen Terrace to the then Genete Luel Palace, now Addis Ababa University main campus, has not been well preserved.”
Part of the heritage, Res Mekonnen Retaining Wall, was reconstructed back in 2011.
Up on completion, the site would serve as recreational center to older people, the youth, visitors and the like.



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