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Burdur’s Forgotten Streets | Greek Genocide Resource Center

The following link contains photos (Cat#130 & 131) of the old Greek neghbourhood (Eski Yunan Mahallasi) in Burdur
(Gr: Μπουρντούρ/Πολυδώριο). According to one source, prior to the exchange, 2,200 Greeks lived in Burdur, 500 Armenians and 27,000 Turks.An air of abandonment surrounds the neighbourhood. The old Greek church (Kavakli Rum Kilisesi) was recently renovated and is now a museum. A house built by a Greek can be seen with the date “29 ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙ 1905” above the entrance. We’ve been told the old Greek quarter was recently occupied by Somalis, Roma and other minorities. A person who recently visited said they were not able to locate the Armenian quarter.


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