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Lawyer: Turkish-Armenian ‘reconciliation commission’ divided society

Lawyer Gevorg Danielyan, a former justice minister of Armenia, claims the Turkish-Armenian “reconciliation commission” split the Armenian society.

“Long before the Armenian-Turkish protocols, the Turks introduced the idea of a so-called “reconciliation commission” involving historians. Later it turned out that some Armenian historians were not only tempted by this cunning plan, but also traveled to Turkey for quite a long period of time in order to gain ‘relevant experience and skills’,” he wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

“Some time later, this experience came in handy for the “lofty cause” of undermining all the foundations of Armenian studies. As a result, the Armenian-Turkish debates have smoothly moved into the internal life of Armenia, and we are unwittingly trying to prove the axiomatic truths, unfortunately already inside the country. The idea of “reconciliation commission” triggered a split in Armenian society. And the Turks have nothing to do yet, they are still waiting.

“I believe the time will come when Turkey and its artificial little brother will find themselves in an even tougher situation. The countries have ideal prerequisites for this, and an artificial split will not even be necessary,” Danielyan added.


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