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Memory of Saint Nonna

Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the Forefeast of the Transfiguration of Jesus and commemorates the Hieromartyr Fabian (Fabianus) Pope of Rome, Saint Nonna, mother of St. Gregory the Theologian, and Venerable Eugenius of Aetolia (†1682).

Saint Nonna was a pious woman with a candid and unbribable character, like Saint Emmelia, mother of Saint Basil the Great, and Saint Anthousa, mother of Saint John Chrysostom.

St. Nonna was a model of wife and mother. Her husband, Gregory of Nazianzus the Elder, was a member of the Hypsistarians, a sect that worshipped the One-Person Almighty God and did not believe in the triune God. In her prayers and patience, St. Nonna brought her husband back to the Church’s path, who was distinguished as one of the most brilliant bishops of the Christian Faith.

Her children, Gregory (January 25), Caesar (March 9), and Gorgonia (February 23), became significant figures of the Church.

St. Nona died peacefully around the year 374 AD.

Source: Church of Cyprus

Orthodox Times

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