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Serj Tankian Unleashes Vulgar Tirade on Fellow Armenians


Serj Tankian, a stalwart supporter of Nikol Pashinyan and his treasonous reign, unleashed a vulgar tirade on Twitter yesterday. In response to a young woman living in Artsakh who called the aging rockstar – Tankian is 54 – a traitor, presumably for his continued support of the regime that handed Artsakh to Azerbaijan, Tankian told the girl, in transliterated Armenian, to “go get f**ked.” 

Serj Tankian tells young Armenian woman living in Artsakh to “go get f**ked.”

Apparently sensitive to criticism for his cowardice in continuing to tacitly support the Pashinyan regime, Tankian continued his tirade with further vulgarity, telling another commenter to “Eat my proud Armenian a**hole. :)” 

AYF West Twitter post of freeway banner that reads “ZAREH SINANYAN TRAITOR.”

Tankian’s vulgar comments were under a post by the Armenian Youth Federation showing a banner affixed to a freeway overpass in Los Angeles that read ZAREH SINANYAN TRAITOR. Tankian had at first defended Sinanyan, Pashinyan’s Diaspora Commissioner, who is on an official trip to the United States. 

AYF West Twitter post of freeway banner that reads “ZAREH SINANYAN TRAITOR.”

Coincidentally, Sinanyan was himself embroiled in a scandal due to his vulgarity when he was running for Glendale City Council, years before he was offered a reportedly high-paying job in the Pashinyan regime.

The vulgarity of Pashinyan supporters is, of course, well documented.

The timing of Tankian’s activity, who has been silent on his role in helping to bring Pashinyan to power in 2018, was curious given that days earlier he released a music video calling for “unity and harmony” among Armenians. 

Serj Tankian responds to criticism of his vulgarity with…more vulgarity.


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