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Armenian Church commemorates Sts. Gregory the Thaumaturge, Pontiff Nikoghayos and Bishop Muron

The Armenian Apostolic Church commemorates Sts. Gregory the Thaumaturge, Pontiff Nikoghayos and Bishop Muron on Saturday, November 27, Qahana.am reports.

St. Gregory the Thaumaturge (Wonderworker) was born in the town Neocaesaria of Pontos (Sebastia), in the family of a nobleman, in about 210 AD. Gregory was going to study jurisprudence and rhetoric, but another way was predetermined by God for him and his brother. Gregory and his brother receive education in Athens and then in Palestinian Caesaria. Their teacher was Vorogines who was one of the most prominent Christian scientists of that time. Returning to Neocaesaria, he is ordained as the Bishop of the town. According to the tradition during the period of Gregory’s ordination there were hardly 17 Christians in Neocaesaria, and when he passed away there were only 17 heathens. He has deserved the epithet “Thaumaturge” for the numerous miracles relating to his name and reputation. St. Gregory is also the author of many theological works. He passed away in 270 AD.

Pontiff Nikoghayos (Nicholas the Bishop) was born in the town Batara (presently nearby Antalia), in the province of Likia, in Asia Minor. His rich and pious parents pass away when he was a baby, and he is brought up and educated by his Uncle Bishop Nikoghayos Yerets. The evangelical commandment: “… sell all you have and give the money to the poor…” (The Gospel according to Mathew 19:21) becomes the essence of the life of Nikoghayos. He takes care of the poor, the sick, the prisoners and the orphans. By the will of the people he becomes the Bishop of Smyrna. During the period of Christians’ persecutions he is exiled, but however, continues to preach the Gospel everywhere. After the establishment of peace, he returns to his residence and participates in the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 Ad. He has passed away in 326 AD. He is one of the most beloved saints of the Universal Church and is more famous by the name Santa Claus.

Bishop Muron (Myron) was born in about 350 AD. He was a great wonder-worker and was familiar for his mercy and charity. During the period of Christians’ persecutions, When St, Muron was the Bishop of Crete, he impatiently waiting for his martyrdom, supports and encourages everybody, By the will of God he lives up to old age and passes away at the age of 100.


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