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Robert Kocharyan: Delimitation will leave no other choice

“After the first Karabakh war our position in the negotiations were based on our victories,” Armenia’s ex-President, the leader of ‘Armenia’ opposition alliance stated on Monday during the rally at Liberty Square in Yerevan. Kocharyan recalled that after that Armenia created a security zone, the seven regions, a combat-ready army and pointed to the fact that Armenia was the security guarantor for Artsakh.

“There was a common border between Armenia and Artsakh which stretched from Vardenis to Araks River. That gave us strength during the negotiation process, and we were recording diplomatic successes step by step. We have now lost those advantages. One person decided to start the negotiations from a zero point, and who also nullified all advantages, likewise our victories. What are the topics today to negotiate?” asked Kocharyan, as he addressed the public.

In his words, the talks are successful when those are based on compromise. “What is the compromise on our side today?” asked Kocharyan next.

The ex-President also reflected on the risks of the much-articulated delimitation and demarcation statements made in the recent period.

“Delimitation means that you directly or indirectly recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and fix the enclave status of Karabakh inside Azerbaijan. This will be the end of the Karabakh peace process and will leave only one solution for Artsakh to be inside Azerbaijan. The delimitation will leave no other choice, and this is the reality,” Kocharyan said.


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