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NSS of Armenia Shows Unreasonable Indifference to the Transfer of a Large Amount of Money from Azerbaijan to Armenia: Naira Karapetyan

The World Bank has published a report from which we get informed that in 2018 a money transfer in the amount of $ 211 million was carried out from Azerbaijan to Armenia. The National Security Service of Armenia, in response to an official inquiry from a parliament member, replied that it did not have this kind of information and suggested to contact the Central Bank of Armenia for an additional explanation.

”Not only the fact that the National Security Service offers to clarify information from the Central Bank causes concern, but also the inexplicable indifference of this structure connected with the fact of transferring such a big amount from an enemy state to Armenia. What other structure, if not the National Security Service, has the duty to provide our state security? And now we are talking only about 2018”,- said Naira Karapetyan, the Chairman of the European Integration NGO, during the interview with us.

”It should be noted that the President of Azerbaijan has just recently stated that he considers the Armenians living in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh to be citizens of his country and he is not going to take any military actions against them. According to him, this explains also the continuous provision of humanitarian and logistic aid to these citizens”, – Naira Karapetyan added.

Underlining, that we have only information on 2018, Naira Karapetyan expressed concern that the negotiations of these new authorities about Nagorno-Karabakh issue in such closed regime and such behavior of the NSS give grounds for concerns that it is possible that this kind of money transfers could also be carried out in 2019, 2020 and even 2021. ”In any case, the National Security Service is obliged to collect facts, find out the truth and provide clear answers to the public, since all the attacks and statements of Ilham Aliyev, unfortunately, have not received any response from our authorities, and in this case it is quite difficult to understand where is truth and where falsehood”, – our interlocutor concluded.

Armedia Information, Analytical Agency

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