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Hrant Dink Foundation Says It Receives Death Threats

Rakel Dink, the wife of the late journalist, and attorneys of the foundation are threatened with death, the foundation has stated.

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Hrant Dink Foundation has announced it received death threats via email on May 27 and 28.

Rakel Dink (61), the wife of Hrant Dink, a journalist who was assassinated in 2007, and attorneys of the foundation are threatened with death, according to a written statement the foundation released today (May 29).

The foundation said that it notified Şişli District Security Directorate and İstanbul Governor’s Office of the threats.

“The threat [message], which contains the slogan ‘We may come suddenly one night” that we used to hear even before Hrant Dink’s killing on January 19, 2007, within the knowledge of the official institutions are before everyone’s eyes and is repeated by some circles nowadays as if it is an accomplishment, accuses the Hrant Dink Foundation of telling ‘fairy tales of fraternity,’ asks us to leave the country, threatens Rakel Dink and our attorneys with death” the statement reads.

The foundation also noted that the recently increasing racist and discriminatory discourse would encourage and instigate such threats.

Saying ensuring freedom, equality and justice for all citizens is the duty and responsibility of all politicians, the foundation noted, “We are of the opinion that making this unfortunate announcement to remind all authorities of their responsibilities is our duty.”

“We respectfully announce that we will continue to fight discrimination with the dream of having a country where all differences exist together and freedom of expression is used to the fullest,” the statement concludes.

About Hrant Dink Foundation
Hrant Dink Foundation was set up in 2007 to carry on Hrant’s dreams, Hrant’s struggle, Hrant’s language and Hrant’s heart.The Foundation defines the development of a culture of dialogue, empathy and peace as the basis of all its activities, which concentrate on the following areas:working toward equal opportunity among children and young people, and supporting their creativity,ensuring that cultural diversity is recognised as a richness and differences are acknowledged as a right,developing cultural relations among the peoples of Turkey, Armenia and Europe,supporting Turkey’s democratization process,supporting efforts to write histories devoid of nationalism and racism,gathering articles, photographs, and documents about Hrant Dink.Hrant Dink Foundation will undertake multifaceted activities in these areas, such as publishing books, creating archives, organizing summer schools, organizing film, music, visual arts, dance and literature festivals, and giving awards in memory of Hrant Dink.

* Source: Hrant Dink Foundation official website



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