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Trump proposes replacing ‘Genocide’ with ‘war’ – Suren Sargsyan

Political analyst Suren Sargsyan has shared thoughts about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s upcoming visit to the United States and the Armenian community’s possible reaction to his scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump.

In a public post on Facebook, Sargsyan says he expects the US-Armenians to lead the struggle on two fronts: against the Turkish lobbyists and the “administration pressures”.

“Trump has proposed replacing ‘Genocide’ with ‘war’. Erdogan himself has stated that, citing his conversation with Trump.

“Erdogan, by the way, said in his response that the two countries had never been at war and that the Armenians had been exiled from Turkey.

“Anyway, Erdogan is leaving for Washington, with the Syrian issue, the Incirlik military base, the [purchase of the] S-400 [missile] system, the possible sale of the F35 fighters, the House resolution on the Armenian Genocide and the anti-Turkey sanctions dominating the agenda. Turkey is thus launching a multi-pronged attack to block the passage of the resolutions by the Senate, the upper house of Congress. With the Trump team, the Republicans, being a Senate majority, Erdogan naturally has a lot to offer in return for [the US efforts] to derail the [Genocide] resolution. And although the Trump administration had not obstructed its passage by the House of Representatives, the situation at the Senate will be absolutely different. So our community will now lead the struggle on two fronts: against the Turkish lobbying and the administration prssures,” reads his status.


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