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AGC Announces Impressive List of Coalition Partners for April 24 March for Justice

GLENDALE – The Armenian Genocide Committee announced the solidarity and participation of 50 coalition partners for the April 24 March for Justice at the Turkish consulate in L.A. in commemoration of the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the demand for accountability by the Turkish government.

“The AGC welcomes the broad-based support it has received from its coalition partners to march for and demand universal justice for the Armenian Genocide. Our coalition partners have consistently expressed their solidarity by actively working with us to educate our society about the consequences of this dark chapter in modern history and by standing together against injustice everywhere,” remarked AGC Board member Saro Kerkonian, Esq.

“Together we stand for truth and justice! We must recognize the horrific genocide committed against the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians that took place under the Ottoman Empire from 1915 to 1923. Over 3 million lost their lives from forced marches to the fires of City of Smyrna! Let us recognize the ‘United Nations Genocide Convention of 1948’ that was unanimously approved! This April 24th, ‘The Day of Remembrance’ should become the ‘Day of Truth’ when the United States officially recognizes the crimes that were committed. The American Hellenic Council proudly stands together with the Armenian Genocide Committee to commemorate the memory of those who lost their lives and pledge to work together for the truth to be proclaimed,” noted Chairman and President of the American Hellenic Council, Dr. James Dimitriou.

“We Assyrians here today are the children and grandchildren who, because of the genocide, have fled our homelands and are now dispersed in the four corners of the world. The genocide which exterminated hundreds of thousands of our people destroyed our lands and forever changed the demographics of the area we called home for thousands of years. The results of this tragedy are still causes of great pain and suffering for us. We Assyrians standing here today are the children of a nation which was very nearly completely eliminated from the face of the earth. Hundred and four years ago they thought they had succeeded in exterminating us; however my dear friends, the good news is that they were mistaken!” stated Sabri Atman, Director of Assyrian Genocide and Research Center (SEYFO Center).

“We fully support the efforts of the ANCA, AGC and the Armenian people in their March for Justice. As co-victims in one of the first genocides of the 20th century we understand what the Armenian people have endured and empathize with them in their efforts to find closure. We also have shared common values which ensures that we will stand side by side with the Armenian people now, and well into the future,” added Aris Tsilfidis, co-founder of the Greek Genocide Resource Center.

The March for Justice will take place on Wednesday, April 24th, 1:00pm at the Turkish Consulate located at 6300 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Further information can be found at the AGC website March4Justice.com and at the Armenian Genocide Committee Facebook page or by calling (888) 924-1915. The community is urged to join the AGC and its coalition partners in making our collective voices and demands heard at the Turkish Consulate.


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