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Anna Hakobyan Meets with All For Health, Health For All Leadership

LOS ANGELES—First Lady Anna Hakobyan’s visit to Los Angeles brought positive energy to the Armenian-American Community. Individuals became further motivated to make things better for Armenia, joining forces with, and for, revolutionized Armenia. While Anna Hakobyan’s visit most pertinent mission was to raise funds for Armenia’s Children with Cancer, it also enabled the Diasporan community to present the resources that they possess, and their willingness to commit to Armenia’s betterment.

On April 7, All For Health founder Dr. Noobar Janoian, president Adrineh Ebrahimian, and additional members of Leadership had an hour-long, private, meeting with Armenia’s First Lady.

All For Health, Health For All has provided primary care services to the medically underserved, indigent and multi-ethnic communities (including substantial number of American Armenian residents) in California for three decades. Although Dr. Noobar Janoian initially opened a private practice, his compassionate vision was to ensure access to health care for everyone regardless of their ability to pay. His practice grew and spearheaded its final metamorphosis to a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation and evolved into AFH Community Health Center, so that it may best serve the purpose of its inception—to provide medical care to as many poor and needy individuals as possible.

AFH has become an invaluable resource for the community, providing high quality health care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. It now has 10 locations in Los Angeles area and 3 branches outside the Los Angeles Area. All For Health, Health For All provides primary, pediatric, mental health and adult day health care services.

Prior to the Los Angeles meeting with Anna Hakobyan, All For Health had already reached out to Nikol Pashinyan for collaboration with an official letter, seeking to serve the healthcare needs of the Republic of Armenia and introducing the FQHC model for more efficient management.

“For several years we have watched with great interest and at times dismay concerning the healthcare needs of the residents of Armenia. We were elated at your Parliamentary election victory and appointment, and are excited to learn of new possibilities through the Health Ministry for increasing access to health care services for our countrymen and women,” reads in the letter.

Pashinyan has reviewed and favored the model, appointing a team of experts at the Ministry of Health to explore this model further and take the collaboration to the next level.

Meeting with Anna Hakobyan in Los Angeles was yet another step in moving forward with the actual implementation of taking the All For Health, Health For All FQHC model to Armenia.

“AFH’s passion for serving its community here in the United States is equally met with its endearing vision of Armenia’s healthy and prosperous future. For several years, AFH has had a vision of contributing its healthcare expertise alongside its human and financial resources to serve the healthcare needs of the people of Armenia. We were immensely delighted and especially inspired to see Armenia’s Ministry’s commitment to address the pressing need of primary and preventive health care services, which served as a confirmation of our keen understanding of Armenia’s healthcare system’s need to help close the widening gap of access to care,” said AFH President Adrineh Ebrahiian, during an open discussion with Anna Hakobyan.

According to Ebrahimian, the FQHC model has many benefits, as it focuses on preventive and high quality primary care, saving many patients from unnecessarily ending up in emergency rooms and hospitals. FQHC standards are also very high in terms of clinical measures, the quality of care and ensuring access to ongoing clinical care for patients with chronic conditions.

“Given AFH’s proven success in implementing the Community Health Center model of care in the United States, we envision this to serve as a model aimed to be replicated within all community health centers/ “polyclinics” in the Republic of Armenia, perhaps by way of our direct or assisted management alongside the support of the Government of the Republic of Armenia,” concluded Ebrahimian.

During the meeting “My Step” Foundation Executive Director Hovhannes Ghazaryan suggested that AFH leadership considers a potential collaboration with the foundation with hopes of maximizing future funding opportunities.


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