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Adil Baguirov, Curt Weldon, and the Azerbaijani Laundromat

Patrick Simpson / Medium

Curt Weldon, Putin’s first Congressman, also appears to have connections to the Azerbaijani Laundromat, a significant money laundering effort between principals in both Azerbaijan and the United States.

Adil Baguirov is an Azerbaijani-American citizen, living in Dayton Ohio. He is running as a Republican for the position of Montgomery County Recorder, and his resume for Worldwide Strategic Energy states that he was a Russia advisor to Curt Weldon in 2003 and 2004. The OCCRP has called him “Baku’s Man in America”

Baguirov and Curt Weldon at a Nobel Heritage Fund Conference.

A scan of the website Legistormrevealed the list of staffers for Curt Weldon.

Adil is nowhere to be found, but Weldon’s “actual” Russia aide Evgeny Bendersky is.

It does not look like Baguirov was ever an official paid advisor to Curt Weldon, but that leaves a bigger question: What exactly was the twos relationship?

Baguirov with Azerbaijani President Aliev.

It appears that in 2003, Curt Weldon formed the US-Azerbaijani caucus with Democratic Congressman Solomon Ortiz and started bringing congressional delegations to Azerbaijan to meet with Putin friendly President Aliev. Adil’s father, Togrul has a long history of working with the Russians and Aliev. As a matter of fact, he was presented with Putin’s “order of friendship” earlier this year.

As Weldon’s “Russia aide” in 2003–04, Baguirov would have had a hand in Weldon being elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences, lobbying for the mob-connected Itera, and have had knowledge of the blueprint for the 2016 Weldon wrote the afterword for.

Baguirov should have filed FARA paperwork if he was going to be Weldon’s Azerbaijani handler. Furthermore, I am not sure that a man running for public office should continue to publish lies on his resume about his employment.

Baguirov follows the Lozansky Doctrine for the Azerbaijani diaspora, which involves him forming multiple foundations with the same goal of money laundering to raise money for more intelligence operations. He is behind the US Azeris Network and the Karabkh Foundation. Part of this diasporas goal is to dispute the fact that the Armenian genocide happened.

Following a conference that saw the Turkish and Azerbaijani leaders call for joint cooperation amongst both diasporas, Baguirov married the daughter of the former Turkish Ambassador, Sevin. Baguirov received large shady payments from the Azerbaijani government through one of his companies, Turbillion.

Baguirov’s political FEC donations reveal longstanding ties to Rudy Giuliani. While working with Giuliani on the board of Worldwide Strategic Partners (WSP) Inc, he also donated to his presidential campaign. His 2013 donations claim that he was from Alexandria, Virginia, but he had moved to Ohio at that point and run for the school board. He was forced to resign earlier this year after lying about his address.

WSP Inc helped orchestrate and pay for Curt Weldon’s trip to Libya in 2011, where he tried to negotiate with a Russia friendly dictator to avoid a war. The head of WSP, Stephen Payne was implicated during the Abramoff years for Pay to Play Scandals as well, but he also claimed to have helped the government of Azerbaijan in the 2003 elections.

Weldon and Giuliani are not Baguirov’s only connections to the #TrumpRussia scandal.

Baguirov also went to Trump University, and claimed “I’ve attended a lot of these seminars and Trump’s was above average,” says Adil Bagirov, an energy consultant in Alexandria, Va. “It wasn’t the most effective, but I learned some things, and I’ve been very successful,” he says.

Why would Baguirov attend Trump University if he has a Ph.D from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGiMO), a university notorious for being the recruiting ground for the FSB?

Baguirov was forced to resign from the School board earlier this year after local Activist David Esrati revealed that he had been lying about his address and threatened legal action. Esrati has spent a significant amount of time covering the scandals Baguirov has involved himself in.

There are many unanswered questions about Baguirov. It seems pretty clear that he is a representative of the Azerbaijani government working in the United States, but why settle in Dayton? Why are what looks like like bots from the Internet Research Agency trying to promote his candidacy on social media?


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