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You know you’re Armenian when…. (some of them might be old, but still worth reading)

 (Çoğu günümüzde de doğru. HYETERT):

*Your last name ends in ‘-ian’ or ‘-yan’
*There is a sale on any item, you buy 100 of them.
*You make coffee in a saucepan.
*Your mother has a minor disagreement with her sister and doesn’t talk to her for 10 years.

*You call an older person you’ve never met before ‘uncle’, ‘aunty’
‘dayday’ , ‘horkour’
*You do all the housework and cooking if you are female.
*Your relatives alone could populate a small city.
*Everyone is a family friend, or somehow related to you.
*You always try moving out of home but always end up returning.
*You are a hard core carnivore
*Instead of cooking a meal for 4 you cook for 10
*When you have a dinner party there is enough food to last for the next 2 months.
*You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
*You avoid public places when with a member of the opposite sex, especially if there is an acquaintance within a 250 miles radius..
*You get very upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage which is just 80lbs. overweight.
*You’re about to leave someone’s house and you end up having another hour long conversation at the door .
*You’re walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all 25 members of your family who have come to pick you up.
*You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you the story of how he had to walk miles to get to school.
*You are always taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go.
*Your mom seems to think her future lies at the bottom of a little coffee cup 
*No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming for a visit.
*Getting somewhere two hours late is considered getting there ‘On time’
*Getting somewhere on time is considered getting there ‘early’
*Terms of endearment include sacrificing one’s self as well as eating body parts.
Examples include:
I will die for your height (boyeed mernem), your head, your eyes, your nose, etc;
make me blind (vay koranam yes);
I’ll eat your liver (jigar-ed oodem)
*You are laughing because everything you just read is true
*You are going to forward this to all your Armenian friends
Nurhan Becidyan [anbecid@sprynet.com]

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