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Azerbaijani New Agency Fabricates ASALA Threat of Retaliation Over Safarov

A number of Azerbaijani news websites have ran a letter allegedly sent by ASALA to the Azerbaijani Embassy in Hungary, threatening to kill Azerbaijani diplomats, students, businessmen and others in retaliation for the extradition and pardon of Ramil Safarov.
The alleged ASALA letter, in part reads:
“The genocide committed by Turkish murderers at the end of the last century, which is characteristic of the Turks and resulted in the murder of 600,000 Armenians, lives in the memory of the Armenians. We take vengeance for this genocide today, supporting and giving directives to military operations of PKK.”
The use of 600,000 as the number of Armenians who died during the 1915 Genocide reveals that the entire story is a fabrication of the AzerTAc (Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency) that originally circulated it.
It will come as no surprise that AzerTAC bills itself as – “A major news and information agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the only source of official government news.”
You would think the disseminators of disinformation in Baku would have realized their blunder beforehand.
The entire attempt has backfired in their faces.

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