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50 new buses have been imported into Armenia from Russia. They will work for 4 new bus routes. “This is not enough to provide the people, but 150 more buses are still to be imported”, the head of the Yerevan municipality Transport administration Ashot Sahakyan says.

The buses will work with gas. The drivers are paid by the piece-rate system. “WE will be paid according to the number of the passengers we have”, driver Arshaluys Gevorgyan says.

The fares will not be raised. As for their reduction, Mr. Sahakyan says, “70 AMD is already a reduced fare”. Nevertheless, part of the drivers complains that they do not have enough passengers in case of 70 AMD.

By the way, we talked to several passers-by about the new busses. Most young people prefer to travel by route taxis as the difference of fares is not very significant – only 30 AMD. As for elder people, they prefer the buses, even in case they are slower.

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