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Linguistics Gathering Confirm Mashtots´s Copyright

Yerevan, December 23, Armenpress: A recent gathering of linguists in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to the 1,600-th anniversary of creation of Armenian letters, has once again confirmed that the Georgian and Old Caucasian Alban scripts had been invented by Mesrop Mashtots, despite the counter-arguments of Georgian scientists.

Sen Arevshatian, an Armenian linguist who was in Vienna, told yesterday that the gathering dismissed the arguments of Georgians that their scripts had been invented by a Georgian king Parnavas. St. Mesrop Mashtots ( 355-439) was born in the village of Hatzegyats in Daron, Armenia. After formal education in Armenia, he studied in Antioch, where he learned Greek, Syriac and Persian. Upon his return, he worked as a secretary in the Royal Court. In 394, he left the palace and became a monk and was eventually ordained a priest.

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