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Poll in Armenia on Resolution of Karabagh Conflict

YEREVAN (Armenpress)–The Caucasian Institute of Democracy foundation conducted a survey of 1,600 people in Yerevan and other Armenian provinces to find out what they think of the different approaches to resolving the Karabagh conflict. The poll was conducted in September and October 2005.

49.1 percent of the participants said the acceptable way to regulate the Karabagh conflict is the international recognition of the Karabagh’s independence; 41.4 percent views the uniting of Karabagh with Armenia as the solution, while 0.6 percent think that the conflict will be solved if Karabagh becomes an autonomous part of Azerbaijan.

34.6 percent thought that Karabagh conflict will be resolved in coming years. 34.4 percent of those surveyed think a resolution will be in sight only in several decades, and 12.1 percent think it will never be resolved.

35.2 percent think the regulation process will be facilitated by direct dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan, while 27.9 prefer direct dialogue between Karabagh and Azerbaijan. 24.3 percent think mediating countries should increase their efforts, while 12.7 percent said other countries should exert pressure on Azerbaijan.

72.2 percent viewed Russia as having a positive role in the regulation of the conflict, while 7.6 percent targeted the US. 78.1 viewed Turkey as having a negative influence on the issue.

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