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HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival

4-14 October 2006 / Yerevan , Armenia

(Application deadline – February 15 2006)

We are pleased to inform, that from 2006 the HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival welcomes performing arts companies and artists to present their productions in all genres of performing arts including theatre (drama, comedy, mime, movement, circus, street performances, puppet/marionette, fingers theatre, visual), dance (modern, folk, classic etc.), music (opera, classical, musical, contemporary, jazz, folk etc) and other forms of performing arts.

Besides the Main Program of HIGH FEST 2006, two International Theatre Festivals will be held in the framework of the Festival:

*Puppet and Children Performances (second edition);

*ARMS FEST (Armenian International Student and Youth Festival);

If you are interested in participating at the HIGH FEST 2006, please read carefully the information below and send the application form and the info pack till February 15, 2006 to the following address:

HIGH FEST International Theatre Festival

Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema

Amiryan 26, Yerevan, 375002, Armenia

Application form:

1. Full name of the theatre / company’s history;

2. Choose the festival program you are applying to:

• Main Program;

• Puppet and Children Performances;

• Student/Youth Performances (ARMS FEST):

3. City / Country;

4. Performance title, short description;

5. Genre, number of acts;

6. Director, artist;

7. Characters and actors;

8. List of previous festivals theatre participated at;

9. Number of arriving people (actors and others);

10. Duration of the play;

11. Weight of decorations, need in transport;

12. Technical conditions necessary for the show, time required for stage set up and break down;

12. Information (address, fax, telephone, Email). Contact person.

For selection process we need information pack, photos and video, DVD, VCD.

A first selection will be established and the selected companies will be asked to send more information and confirm their availability.

Conditions of participation

The selection for HIGH FEST 2006 is mainly based on the following criteria:

• Shows of the high quality and professionalism.

• Shows and performances of all genres of performing arts; not exceeding 5-7 person.

• Companies happy to take part in workshops, meetings and discussions;

• Companies happy to work together with the festival organizers to make things possible;

The season:

• Each company (or part of the company) will actively participate in workshops, master classes and meetings with famous theatre practitioners;

• Each company will be able to see the work of other invited artists and to make new contacts.

The conditions:

The Organizing Committee provides the following:

Accommodation and meals (max 4 nights);

Free access to all Festival events / performances;

Local transportation from and to airport

Technical and administrative costs;

Press, marketing and publicity costs;

Diplomas and souvenirs.

The companies are responsible for their travel, visa and Exit Duty of 20 EUROS/special state tax of Yerevan Airport for any person leaving Armenia.


Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema Amiryan 26, Yerevan 375002, Armenia

Tel/Fax: +374 10 53 62 33

Mobile phone: +374 91 42 18 22



Contact person: Lilit Galustyan (Festival Chief Coordinator)

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