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Dashnaktsutiun will revise its regulations because of constitutional reform in Armenia

“Principal achievement of the government and the people in 2005 is the amendments to the Armenian constitution,” Deputy Speaker of the Armenian parliament and a member of Bureau of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutiun), Vahan Hovhannisyan stated at a news conference in Yerevan on December 20.

As a REGNUM correspondent informs, Hovhannisyan summarized the work of the coalition. In particular, he noted that the party occupied its own place in politics, “and everything around it is not our business. New coalitions may appear, but most important is not the format but political responsibility.” He said he regards political alliances as a normal event, but added that never asked anybody to do nothing. He stressed that his party is ready to revise its regulations because of the constitutional reform. “Laws must not be only written, they must be observed.”

Answering the question about politicians’ love for to the people, Hovhannisyan noted that love is not a political concept, however, there is trust for the government, which people have shown at the referendum of November 27. “Social problems of the people often prevail on such general terms as trust and love. People are dissatisfied with the government from this point of view,” he said.

Vahan Hovhannisyan also commented on the foreign policy of Armenia. He stated that he is not so sure, as the OSCE Minsk group, that there will be a major breakthrough in settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in 2006, because in the current situation, during the aggression from Azerbaijan, that received Turkish aid, it is useless to speak about conflict settlement. He added that everybody must cool down, especially because “the aggression in Azerbaijan has spread among common people.” He also said that each person born in Nagorno Karabakh is a native Armenian. Commenting on the problems of Armenian-populated region of Georgia – Javakheti, Hovhannisyan stated that neither civil, nor social rights of local Armenians are respected but he added that he is sure that no political forces from outside or inside Georgia interested in fuelling the conflict, will achieve anything. “It’s dangerous for Armenia, to react upon Georgian provocations, but we must act. Something must be done to this question,” stated Hovhannisyan.

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