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Pamuk Awarded German Peace Premium 2005

YEREVAN (YERKIR) – Famous Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk is awarded Peace Premium 2005 of the German Printing House. European Press connects any mentioning of the German premium and its owner with the trial of Orhan Pamuk to be held in December. Before receiving the premium in Frankfurt the Turkish writer broke the more than 6-month silence.

“The latest political event that has happened to me was the interview with a Swiss newspaper, during which I said one million Armenians and 30 thousand Kurds were killed in Turkey,” Pamuk told journalists. «I also insisted that those were topics one could not normally speak about in Turkey today. I believe anyone, who arrives in Turkey, should be able to openly discuss what had happened to Armenians in Ottoman Turkey.”

Pamuk qualified indictment that he has damaged Turkey’s image as an obstacle for Turkey’s accession to the EU. “I confirm what I have stated. Moreover, I confirm the right to express my opinion aloud,” he said. In spite of the Turkish Government, especially Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has assured the famous writer will not be imprisoned, the situation around the issue remains a nervous one.

Pamuk repeats the fate of his famous hero in of his works called Snow, “who perforce becomes a victim of the big game of politicians.” Orhan Pamuk has been one of the most likely winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2005. The Prize was finally awarded to English prose writer and film director Harold Pinter.

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