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Iran-Armenia ties promote stability in Caucasus: envoy

Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN — Iranian Ambassador to Armenia Alireza Haqiqian told the students news agency ISNA on Sunday that Iran–Armenia relations in the political, economic, cultural, and national spheres are at a satisfactory level and the expansion of these relations would help the two countries promote stability and peace in the Caucasus region.

“The satisfying bilateral ties are the result of the efforts of both countries’ high-ranking officials and also due to the historical and cultural affinities of the Iranian and Armenian nations,” he noted.

Haqiqian stated that the Armenian media heavily covered the election of Mahmud Ahmadinejad as Iran’s president last spring due to the public’s interest.

In addition, many high-ranking Armenian officials congratulated Ahmadinejad on his victory and said the election showed that there is democracy in Iran, he said.

“Fortunately, we have been implementing joint economic activities, especially major energy projects, like the ones setting up two lines for transferring electricity and establishing a wind power plant in Armenia,” he noted.

The Iranian ambassador went on to say that the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline is being constructed by Iranian companies and the project is scheduled to be completed by 2007.

In conclusion, Haqiqian said that six Iranians charged with drug offenses are currently incarcerated in Armenian prisons, and the Iranian Embassy is pursuing the legal and judicial issues of their cases.

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