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Catholicos Aram I Expresses His Support To President Bush

In a letter to US President George W. Bush,
Cilicia Catholicos Aram I expressed his support and condolences to
the American people in light of the losses suffered after a hurricane
hit the city of New Orleans in Louisiana.

In his letter His Holiness says: “The tragic images that I see
on television are, indeed, disturbing and heartbreaking. This is,
in fact, one of the biggest natural disasters in the recent memory
of the U.S.A. I share the pain and anxiety of those who have been
affected by this disaster.”

The Catholicos also informed the president that he has advised the
two prelates of the Catholicosate of Cilicia in the United States
to encourage the Armenian-American communities to bring their active
participation in the post-hurricane humanitarian efforts.

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