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Azerbaijani-Americans Call on Armenia to Admit Its Crimes Against Azerbaijanis

Press Release 26/02/2005 21:57

Washington D.C. – Large group of Azerbaijani-Washington Washington DC–Azerbaijani-Americans and friends of Azerbaijan gathered in front of The Armenian Embassy in Washington DC to condemn the Khojaly massacre perpetrated by the Armenian army against the peaceful residents of Khojaly.

Highly disciplined and highly principled members of the Azerbaijani-American community highlighted the Armenian terrorism with posters that showed pictures of Khojaly massacre and flyers explaining the true face of Armenians shocked the American public who were interested to know more about the crimes Armenians committed.

On February 26, 1992 the Armenian military units, supported by the Russian 366th tank regiment, seized a small town of Khojaly, in Nagorno Karabagh region of Azerbaijan, and brutally massacred more than 800 peaceful civilians including 83 infants, 103 women, and 70 elderly. 1,275 people have been taken hostage.

“We demand the Armenian government admit its crimes against the Azerbaijani population of Khojaly,” said Bedir Memmedli, Member of ASA Washington Chapter “The Armenian government should compensate the survivors of this humanitarian tragedy and allow the survivors to return to their hometown immediately” he concluded.

The Khojaly was one of the most violent events in Nagorno Karabakh. Armenia occupied former autonomous Nagorno-Karabakh region and also seven other Azerbaijani districts in 1991-94, forcing over 700,000 Azerbaijanis to leave their homes and live as refugees in their own country.

“The people of Azerbaijan will never forget the Khojaly tragedy, but neither should the people and the government of Armenia. As a nation that claims to respect human rights and international law, Armenia has to show the world community its good will and oblige by the UN resolutions # 822, 853, 874, and 884, calling for cessation of occupation of territory of Azerbaijan by Armenia,” said Leila Mammedova, another member of ASA Washington Chapter.

Azerbaijan Society of America vowed to publicize the Armenian terrorism against the Azerbaijani nation in all its forms and methods to ensure that Armenia is branded as oppressor and murderer of the Azerbaijani people and to let the American public know about their aggressive policies.


The Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA), established in 1957 in New Jersey, USA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing knowledge about Azerbaijan, the Azeri people, their culture and history as well as promoting ties in economic, cultural, and scientific spheres between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the United States. The ASA works with various organizations, associations, ethnic and religious groups to enhance intercultural understanding and to promote peace in the Caucasus

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