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BAKU, FEBRUARY 23, ARMENPRESS: The Karabagh Liberation Organization (KLO), an extremist group in Azerbaijan, has accused a leading journalists Eynulla Fatullayev of advertising in favor of Karabagh separatists. The KLO criticism followed an interview by Fatullayev to Azerbaijani newspaper Yeni Musavat on 22 February.

Eynulla Fatullayev, editor of the Monitor magazine and prominent journalist, spent 11 days in Nagorno Karabagh, visiting places in the occupied districts of Nagorno Karabagh, talking to Armenians and even Azerbaijanis there. She said to the daily she came back with pleasant impressions.

She traveled to Karabagh from Yerevan on February 12 , visiting Stepanakert, Shushi, Lachin and Agdam and actually was the first Azerbaijani to visit Agdam after the truce. “I was treated well in Agdam and Shushi , but the attitude towards me was aggressive in Lachin. The Armenians living there attacked me, saying that this is their land and wondered about the aim of my visit. However, my security was arranged very well. I asked them who they are and they said they are refugees from villages of Agdara District, which is under Azerbaijani control. There are also Armenians from Yevlakh and Baku in Lachin,” she said.

She also interviewed Karabagh leader Arkady Ghukasian and the mayor of Stepanakert and met met some Azerbaijanis in Askeran, where a dozen of them are still living.

She said Armenian journalists were keen on her views about the ongoing processes in Karabagh. “I said that the switch from the police regime to a semi-civil society had taken place in Karabagh and free polls were held, the opposition won, the media was free and there was political rivalry. Political freedom is stronger there than in Armenia. At all meetings, they wondered about public opinion in Azerbaijan. My impression of the meetings with the Karabagh political leadership is that they are ready for horizontal relations with Azerbaijan,” she said. “My observation is that they (Karabagh people) hate the Azerbaijani authorities, not our people,” she said.

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