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YEREVAN, APRIL 29. ARMINFO. Opening of the Armenian-Turkish boundary will be the most important issue of the trilateral meeting of Turkish, Azerbaijani and Armenian FMs in the course of the NATO Summit in Istanbul to be held this summer, referring to the Turkish newspaper Zaman, the Baku-based newspaper “Echo” reports.

According to the source, with involvement of Ankara into the process of the Karabakh conflict’s settlement, the stage-by-state plan may be realized. “Armenia will release the 5 occupied Azerbaijani regions, the Azerbaijan-Armenian region will open and Turkey will solve its frontier problems with Armenia, using the Syrian model,” the newspaper writes. The politologist Rasim Musabekov supposes that under the “Syrian model” Zaman might mean Yerevan’s refusal from the territorial demands to Turkey.

Meanwhile, “Echo” writes, the opening of the Armenian-Turkish boundary is considered an important element in settlement of the Karabakh in the USA as well, a source close to American diplomatic circles who has repeatedly visited Azerbaijan told the newspaper. According to this source, the opening of the boundary will contribute to the settlement process. At the same time, “within the frames of the negotiations on the boundary, definite provisions related to the Karabakh problems were discussed.” The source in New York did not open the core of these provisions, at the same time, hinting that one of the main moments was a possible exchange of territories, which was “once discussed in Key West.” Several new ideas related to the Karabakh problem have recently originated in the U.S. political circles. The American diplomatic source told “Echo” that the USA remember that Azerbaijan and Armenia were two times very close to the conflict’s resolution in the period of presidency of George Bush senior and Bill Clinton. However, every time at the crucial moment something was going wrong. “On the whole, the idea is as follows: Azerbaijan has only to implement a program of development of mountainous regions with a suggestion to Nagorny Karabakh. At the first stage, it is necessary to cooperate with Georgia, impelement joint projects, and then, probably, with Armenia. In case of a wise approach, it will make Nagorny Karabakh economically dependent on Azerbaijan. And Armenia, getting a serious advantage, will taken an interest in further cooperation with Azerbaijan. The implementation will take 2-3 years and will bring a result, undoubtedly,” the American expert said.

In their turn, majority of Azerbaijani MPs came out against this idea, supposing that the article in Zaman may be backed by Turkish business-communities.

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