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azernews: Armenians´ latest claim on Azeri music

Azerbaijani artists expressed serious concerns after an Armenian actress performed the song “Vokaliz” by renowned Azerbaijani composer Vagif Garayzada during New Year’s celebrations on Armenian television. Kamran Imanov, head of the Copyrights Agency, told AssA-Irada that the Armenians, who have already occupied Azerbaijani lands, are now trying to claim Azerbaijan’s national music.

Such activities are described as a crime against Azerbaijan’s culture. Imanov underlined that the song “Vokaliz” is registered with copyright agencies in Azerbaijan and Turkey. He noted that they would appeal to international organizations regarding the matter. Last year Armenians performed another Azerbaijani song, “School years” by Aygun Samadzada.

At that time, Azerbaijan failed to defend its copyright. Armenians have repeatedly laid claim to Azerbaijani musical instruments. CDs of Azerbaijani folk songs, described as “Armenian songs” have also been distributed in Europe and Russia.

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