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YEREVAN, AUGUST 27. ARMINFO. Turkish civil engineers and highly qualified builders are engaged in the construction of a new building of the US Embassy in Armenia. This fact was confirmed to the Russian REGNUM News Agency at the US Embassy in Armenia.

The source reported that a new 120-member team of workers is shortly to arrive in Armenia to take part in the construction work. However, engineers and workers from the Philippine Islands are also taking part in the work. Mechanicians and electricians from Bulgaria and india are expected to be invited as well. The involvement of foreign workers was accounted for by the fact that the construction requires a high qualification, as well as conformity not only with the US standards, but also with the requirements set by the US Department of State to modernization of embassy buildings.

The regards the pay of the Turkish and Armenian workers, the source pointed out that they do not pay directly to the workers and have no legal right to provide this information. The contracts with the workers are private irrespective of their nationality and, according to the US legislation are not to be made public. However, the source pointed out that the highly qualified Armenian work superintendent receives 1,000 USD, the average monthly wages of the Armenian workers ranging between 250-350 USD.

It should also be noted that the new building of the US Embassy in Armenia, which is being built by the Yerevan reservoir, will be a grandiose building with a most complicated system of underground communications and security system. A reliable source reported that, according to the master plan, the dwelling and office premises of the Embassy are to occupy an area of 18,000 sq. meters. The source also reported that a garrison of the US Armed Force will be stationed in the territory of the Embassy after its construction is completed.

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