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MAY 12. Aided by Turkey Azerbaijan is waging an active propaganda war with a view to influence the international opinion on the Karabakh problem, the vice speaker of the House of Lord of the British Parliament, Baroness Caroline Cox said at the Victory Day festivities in Stepanakert.

She said that Karabakh must fight for giving the international community really true account of the conflict and of Karabakh’s history. She noted that only true coverage of the conflict can pave the way for its fair settlement.

Cox said that for many years she has been advocating for Karabakh in the British Parliament, US Congress and UN telling them the truth about the Karabakh war and the current developments in this country.

Cox remembers the ethnic cleansing that took place in Karabakh in the late 80s – early 90s and is convinced that one has no right to keep silence about this. She witnessed the shellings of Stepanakert; once 400 shells were fired at the peaceful population during one day. Women and children hid in basements without light and heat, they had to queue for hours under falling bombs just to get water.

Cox remembers than when she came to Stepanakert in 1992 she went to a church in Shushi that had earlier been used by the Azeris as a warehouse. There she saw three girls singing Armenian songs. “It was then that I was inspired with hope for better future.”

For 12 years already that Baroness Caroline Cox has been regularly visiting Karabakh to bring humanitarian aid. Due to her active efforts Stepanakert now has orthopedic and rehabilitation centers.

A few days ago Cox was awarded the Grikor the Illuminator order for her outstanding contribution to he international recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic and for her consistent efforts in protecting the rights of the Karabakh population and in restoring their social life.

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