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groong: Year to Date Tax Collection $7 mil more than Last year


7 May 2003

The taxes collected at the beginning of this year are 7 mln dollars more than
the index of the same time period of the previous year. About the half of the
money was collected by means of reducing the shadow economy and the rest by
means of the development of the economy. Head of the tax service agency
Yervand Zakharian assured that if the tax bodies continue to work with the
same productivity, then by the end of the year they will manage to levy the
200 mln dollars planned by the budget without additional tension. According
to him 56.5 million dollars have already been collected within the previous 4
months. Due to the preliminary estimation about 11.5 % of growth in the GTP
was recorded. Relying on this statistics, Yervand Zakharian assures that the
economy of Armenia evaded the negative influence of the presidential

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