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asbarez: European Parliament Stops Photo Exhibit on Armenian Genocide

BRUSSELS (Groong)–In cooperation with the Swedish Armenian National Association, Jonas Sjöstedt had arranged an Armenian Genocide photo exhibit May 26 to 30 to be on display at European Parliament in Brussels.

Last week, however, the EU notified Sjostedt that he was denied permission to display the photo exhibit, considered the nature of the exhibit “politically too sensitive.”

“We are very disappointed to have been denied permission to exhibit in the parliament. If the EU considers the exhibit to be too sensitive due to pressure from Turkey, then it is very disturbing as well,” commented Jonas Sjöstedt.

Sjöstedt intends to investigate the reasons behind the EU’s rejection of the exhibit, hoping that political pressure from Turkey is not the reason.

“The Parliament should, in the highest degree, serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences. The EU should promote such development, not oppose it. The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact. It is unintelligible that the European Parliament considers it to be too controversial… “Sjöstedt added.

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