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BAKU: Turkey opens archives: Docs confirm accusations groundless

Our Century (Azerbaijan)

May 5 2003

General Board of directors of State Archives attached to Turkish
Prime Minister has declared that all statements on so-called
`Armenian genocide’ supposedly committed by Osmany Turkey during 1914
-1921 years period completely don’t correspond to real facts.
Media- Press correspondent in Istanbul has reported this.
Now all documents connected with this period are available on new
official web site of State Archive on the Internet. It is primarily
intended for those who would like to be acquainted with them and you
find it at:

It is emphasized in press release that all talks on so- called
`Armenian genocide’ are based on different subjective articles, not
on passionless and pure scientific approach.
Turkey as it was promised before opens its archives for international
community to remove this obstacle and create all necessary conditions
for scientific research far from prejudices and political
predilections or preferences. Now everyone is welcome to be
acquainted with Internet version of historical documents related to
so- called `Armenian genocide’ of 1914 -1921 years.

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