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YEREVAN, MARCH 10, ARMENPRESS: Steps taken by law-enforcement bodies of Armenia resulted in revealing the murder of the chairman of Armenian Public TV and Radio Tigran Naghdalian. It was revealed that in November of the year of 2002 Lyova Harutyunian has ordered his relative Gegham Shahbazian to kill Tigran Naghdalian offering $30,000 as a reward.

The press office of General Prosecutor’s office of Armenia reported that in order to check the veracity of the offered sum and to get additional guarantees Shahbazian applied to his partner Hovhannes Harutyunian and informed him about his agreement with Lyova Harutyunian. Hovhannes Harutyunian promised to check the veracity of the murder and in several days informed Shahbazian that everything remains in force. He also told Shahbazian that in future Shahbazian must keep in touch only with him regarding the preparation and organization of murder, promising to pay $50,000.

Aiming to realize the ordered murder, Shahbazian gathered a group, including his conversant John Harutyunian and the latter’s friend Felix Arustamian in it. Then, using his own car, Shahbazian and his confederates were spying on Naghdalian in order to find out the schedule and timetable of the victim. At last, they took a decision to murder Tigran Naghdalian on Zakian street, when the latter would be going out of his parents’ flat. Tigran Naghdalian was killed December 28, 2002 by John Harutyunian, who shot him in his head and escaped in the car of Shahbazian.

The investigation of the case continues.

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