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Chairman of the CIS executive committee Yuriy Yarov, who led an extensive long-term monitoring mission for the first round of Armenian presidential election, has arrived in Armenia to observe the second round of election March 5.

Speaking to reporters Yarov said he will be present March 5 morning at the opening of an precinct and will then travel between precincts and will also be present at the ballot collection at a precinct, Armenpress reported.

Other members of the mission will be sent to different Armenian regions and will also observe the polls in the capital Yerevan. Some 30 members of the mission have already come to Yerevan, others are to come.

Yarov said today that the mission will present its statement on the election only after having the full information about how the vote proceeds.

The CIS team of monitors was the first among hundreds of other international observers to release a statement February 20 morning amid opposition claims about mass vote fraud, in which it said that the February 19 presidential polls in Armenia were held in line with the requirements of Armenian Electoral Law and democratic standards, in transparent, free, legitimate and open environment. The statement was strongly criticized by the opposition.

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