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asbarez: Turkish Authorities Sue Armenian Seminary

ANKARA—Turkey-based Marmara daily reports that the Armenian community of Turkey faces a critical issue regarding the Soorp Khatch Armenian Seminary there.

In citing a rule on religious establishments, the Turkish Treasury has filed a law suit against the seminary disputing its ownership rights (based on the conclusion that the seminary does not qualify as a religious institution, and is rather an educational one).

The suit aims to acquire seminary deeds in order to register it as a property of the Turkish state.

The dire situation reaffirms that the Turkish government, despite earlier promises and reassurances, still conducts discriminatory acts and violates minority rights, particularly, in this case, toward Armenians.

Although the Armenian community was just recently given certain guarantees that the Turkish government would stop its policy of property confiscation, and would even resolve issues tied to previous seizures of property, they have, nevertheless, done it again.

Seminary officials plan to go to court to protect their rights; the first hearing could be held as soon as on March 20.

The news has shocked the Armenian community throughout Turkey; members hope that the issue will be handled appropriately and legally.

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