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ANKARA, December 18 (Noyan Tapan). The sentence of Murad Bojolian, a man charged with espionage in favor of Turkey, to 10-year imprisonment aroused a fierce reaction in Turkey. In particular, according to “Milliet”, the Armenian Prosecutor’s Office has accused all Turkish journalists, who were on a business trip in Moscow, of espionage. “In 1998, these journalists came to Armenia to observe the presidential elections. Murad Bojolian made translations for them, and the Russian Federal Security Service informed Armenia about journalists’ being spies,” mentions the source. According to the same newspaper, Arsenian, the defender of Murad Bojolian, will appeal the decision at the Supreme Court, and in case of reject will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights. It is mentioned in the “Hurriet” newspaper that “besides Murad Bojolian, Armenia accused the Turkish journalists who visited Armenia of espionage, in particular, the journalists of the “Hurriet”, “Milliet”, “Anadol” Agencies and the “NTV” TV company. The “Aksam” newspaper assures its readers that Murad Bojolian was convicted for his publications in Turkish mass media. The newspaper mentions that the Russian Federal Security Service provided Armenia with information about Mehmed Ali Birandi’s being a spy. Mehmed Ali Birandi is a well-known journalist in Turkey who works with CNN Turk TV. Mehmed Birandi is known to have visited Armenia several times and interviewed the first and second Presidents of Armenia.

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