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According to Armenian ambassador to France Eduard Nalbandian, the Armenian community of France is the biggest in Europe. Speaking to a group of Armenian journalists, who flew to Paris by the maiden Yerevan-Paris flight, operated by the recently set up Armenian International Airlines company, the ambassador said that according to different estimations, some 500,000 French citizens are of Armenian origin. Some 80,000 Armenians live in one of the biggest cities, Marseilles, which has a total of 800,000 population, which means that every tenth resident of the city is Armenian. There are villages and small towns in which every fifth resident is Armenian. According to the ambassador, Armenians have established in all society layers. Armenians are among politicians, art, culture and business communities members. Head of one of the biggest companies, Alcatel, is also of Armenian origin.

There are some 200 students from Armenia proper studying at French universities. The community attaches great attention to educational issues. All in all French Armenians are united in 450 organizations, but in many issues they replicate each other, dispersing thus their efforts. The ambassador said a coordinating committee was recently founded to make their efforts and work more purposeful.

The Armenian community of France is closely following all the developments occurring in Armenia. Positive changes are reported by local Armenian newspapers. At the end of his meeting with Armenian journalists the ambassador stressed the importance of the new flight between the capitals of Armenia and France.

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