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TehranTimes: Patriarch of Armenian Orthodox Church Denounces Falwell Remarks

TEHRAN — The Patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church, Aram I, on Saturday condemned as “unacceptable” U.S. pastor Jerry Falwell’s remarks against Islam and particularly Prophet Mohammad (S).

In a letter to the Director of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, Mahmoud Mohammadi Araqi, Aram I wrote that such imprudent and baseless remarks obstruct the promotion of dialogue and mutual understanding.

Ultraconservative evangelist Jerry Falwell called Prophet Mohammad (S) a “terrorist” in a CBS television interview.

In a letter to the world’s religious leaders in early October, Araqi had voiced his discontent with Falwell’s remarks, and Aram I was responding to Araqi’s letter from Lebanon’s Cilicia Church for Armenians.

“At this critical juncture of human history, it is expected that Islam and Christianity cooperate with each other on the basis of common values and spiritual outlooks,” he wrote in the letter.

The Armenian Orthodox Patriarch also stressed that Armenians attach great significance to the importance of dialogue between Muslims and Christians and pledged that Armenians would make efforts to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the two divine religions.

The letter also calls on Muslims and Christians to work together to eradicate the evil phenomena of terrorism, violence, and injustice.

Aram I also stressed that the Cilicia Church still believes in maintaining a dialogue between Muslims and Christians with a view to promoting the cause of justice, peace, dignity, humanity, patience, and compromise.

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