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Pianist Sahan Arzruni Named Official Rep. in U.S. of Aram Khachaturian Centennial Celebration

Contact: Sahan Arzruni
215 East 80 Street, #LD, New York, NY 10021-0546
Vox/Fax: (212) 650-0956
E-mail: solopiano@hotmail.com

August 27, 2002

NEW YORK, NY–Master pianist Sahan Arzruni has been designated by the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports to
serve as the official representative of the Aram Khachaturian Centennial
Committee in the United States of America. The year 2003 marks the 100th anniversary of the great composer’s birth (Khachaturian’s birthday is June 6, 1903).

Armenia’s Ministry of Culture named Arzruni to this prestigious position on
July 26, 2002, and informed the appointed through an official letter from
Minister Robert Sharoyan. Since that time, Sahan Arzruni has begun
consulting festival organizers, producers and administrators for advice and

It is especially important to see the Armenian composer’s rich work
penetrate American music circles, says Mr. Arzruni, and as official U.S.
representative he is arranging concerts, exhibitions, conferences and
broadcasts, among other things. A number of celebrations have already been scheduled from autumn 2002 through spring 2004.

While full-length programs devoted exclusively to Khachaturian’s music are
on the drawing boards, these are likely to appeal mainly to Armenian
audiences. To reach a broader American audience, Mr. Arzruni is eager to
schedule a work or two by Khachaturian in as many major festivals as possible.

“Americans mostly know Khachaturian’s music through his ‘Saber Dance,'”
remarks Mr. Arzruni. “But of course he’s much more than that, and this is
an important way to introduce the range of his music to America.”

To help carry out this substantial project, Mr. Arzruni will assemble a
committee of key individuals, and will be in constant contact with the
Khachaturian Centennial Committee in Armenia, as well as the Ministry of

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