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YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, ARMENPRESS: In an interview with Russian language Golos Armenii Gagik Tadevosian, chairman of a parliament committee on health, social and ecological issues shrugged off Azerbaijani accusations that Armenia was burying nuclear waste from its nuclear power plant in territories adjacent to Nagorno Karabakh.

He said that the Armenian ministry of energy provided indisputable facts to members of a Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) committee on nature protection issues that had its session in Yerevan last month that the nuclear waste is buried at a special location, built near the plant in Armenia with the financial help of France.

According to him, the nuclear power plant can run safely for another 15 years and there are no alternatives to it yet.

Gagik Tadevosian also said that the issue of decommissioning the Armenian nuclear plant is rather an economic and political problem, but not ecological. What poses a greater ecological danger is pumping out water of Lake Sevan for energy generating and irrigation purposes, he said.

Between 1992-1996 some 1.3 billion cubic meters of water was pumped out of it resulting in the 2 meters drop of its level that could lead to an ecological disaster. The recently passed law on Sevan has set exact figures about how much water can be pumped out so that to keep its ecological balance.

Last year only 168 million cubic meters of water was taken from the lake, this year the figure is even lower, some 150 million cubic meters of water. Due to lavish rains in spring its level has gone up by 78 centimeters.

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