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The Turkish – Armenian Business
Development Council (TABDC) co-established on May 3, 1997, the first
and only link between the public and private sectors in each of the
two countries’ communities, said in its annual report that its aim is
not only to establish direct trade and business links in various
sectors (TABDC is currently involved in 70% of all Armenian- Turkish
transactions), but also to support the border opening and the
establishment of interstate relations between Armenia and Turkey by
maintaining close ties between both governments.

The report also said that taking into consideration that part of
the products in the Armenian market are of Turkish origin, TABDC is
intending to organize an exhibition in Yerevan to promote Turkey’s
industrial products. “There is incredible potential for the two
countries, working in concert, to start trading a large volume of
goods and services,” it said.

Turkish and Armenian business associations are in regular contact
and working on details of operation. The exact time of the exhibition
will be determined after governmental considerations have been

The report also said that TABDC plans to open the Turkish Trade
Center in Yerevan. The Center will make Turkish goods and service
directly available to consumers not only in Armenia but also in the
Central Asia and Russia through Armenians living in the region.

TABDC has also been working on opening a Turkish Airlines office
in Yerevan and promoting immediate start for regular flights between
Armenia and Turkey and to further connect this route to the third
countries where can give service to Diaspora Armenians.

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