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Asbarez: Noyan Tapan Taken Off The Air

YEREVAN (Noyan Tapan)—The Noyan Tapan TV channel was taken off the air on September 14. The Ararat-service, Lotos TV company unilaterally terminated its contract (effective since November 1999), also refusing to provide continued broadcasts for six months after either side’s declaring its decision to discontinue the cooperation as stipulated by the contract.

The Lotos TV company suggested to continue cooperation without putting Noyan Tapan’s own programs on the air (Noyan Tapan newscasts prepared by the independent Noyan Tapan news agency, and the interactive “5th Microphone” program).

Noyan Tapan did not accept the proposal, and were completely taken off the air. Noyan Tapan has every reason to assume that there was political pressure that forced Ararat-service, Lotos TV company to take such an action.

Thus, all attempts of Noyan Tapan since 1997 to get a license entitling it to broadcast on a decimeter frequency failed, although many other TV companies broadcasting in Yerevan received frequencies during these years.

Noyan Tapan has applied to the National Commission on Radio and Television to receive a frequency and will participate in a tender for a license. The situation looks even more absurd given the fact that for four years the Noyan Tapan TV company had daily telecasts on the Armenian TV channels of Los Angeles and has failed to get such an opportunity in their homeland.

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