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7th ARF Youth Jamboree Begins in Byurakan

BYURAKAN, Armenia—The Armenian Revolutionary Federation youth and student organizations’ seventh Pan-Armenian Jamboree officially began Monday in Byurakan, one of the most picturesque areas of Armenia, featuring views of mountains Ararat and Aragats.

More than 350 participants from 18 different student and youth organizations are participating in the jamboree, which will last two weeks.

During the first week, the participants will spend time primarily at the camp site attending lectures and discussions regarding the current problems of globalization, Armenia’s present socio-economic situation, Karabakh conflict resolution, issues confronting the Armenian population of Javakhk, as well as way by which to further the Armenian Cause.

During the second week, the students will visit various historical sites, state institutions, factories and the earthquake zone.

An official ARF initiation oath ceremony will take place at the grave site of general Dro. Besides the group tasks, various training and practice courses the camping participants will also watch different documentaries.

The official opening ceremony was held on Sunday at the camping site, with representatives from numerous youth organizations of Armenia, journalists and other guests in attendance.

The camp director, Krikor Erchanian welcomed the participants and invited Mher Avetissian and Suzi Karoghlanian (ARF Artsakh and Lebanon youth union members, respectively) to conduct the flag ceremony, while the participants sang the national anthems of Armenia and the ARF.

In his remarks, ARF Bureau chairman Hrand Markarian spoke stressed the importance of the youth movement for Armenia and Armenians. On behalf of the president of Armenia Robert Kocharian, Armen Gevorgian, his first assistant, greeted everybody as well.

The opening ceremony was followed by a program of national-patriotic songs, which was met with great enthusiasm. After a short period of time everybody began to dance disregarding their background. and cultural differences. They were just young people gathered at their homeland pursuing the same ideology .

The next day the campers continued their work when Levon Mkrtchian, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, presented an educational entitled “The purpose and significance of the Armenian statehood.” The Urban Development Minster David Lokian presented the current economic situation of Armenia.

The camp has a radio station already, while the first issue of its newspaper will be published in the near future.

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